PowerHockey Canada’s Board of Directors is currently comprised of five individuals who represent a clear commitment to the sport of powerhockey and parasports. The Board includes three current or former powerhockey players, an experienced coach, and a highly-respected parasport advocate. Cumulatively, the experience garnered in the sport and/or parasports is in excess of 100 years.

Paul Desaulniers

Paul began playing powerhockey in 1998 and for 19 years competed both locally, nationally, and internationally, winning several championships along the way. Paul has been involved with the management side of the sport since 2011 and has also been coaching since retirement with his local league. As co-founder and manager of PowerHockey Canada, he is committed to the sport’s development long-term. Driven by his passion for powerhockey and experiences in the sport, he strives to carry that forward for future generations of Canadian para-athletes.

Meghan Hines

As a para-athlete for over 20 years, Meghan has a wealth of experience to draw on. She has participated in Track3 skiing, horseback riding, figure skating, and powerhockey, both recreationally and competitively. Her involvement with parasports has positively impacted her at a personal level as well as in her career as a Human Resources professional. Meghan’s leadership qualities and passion for powerhockey ultimately led her to competing internationally, representing Canada at the 2019 Australian Powerchair Hockey Club Championships and 2018 IWAS World Championship, as well as becoming a co-founder and Vice President of PowerHockey Canada.

Archie Allison

Archie has been a strong advocate for individuals with disabilities for over 35 years throughout his career. He has championed many efforts for parasports with his role at Variety Village, a recreation facility in Toronto, promoting inclusivity and awareness. Archie’s kind and welcoming personality coupled with his unwavering passion to help individuals reach their full potential, make him a valued member of PowerHockey Canada’s growth development strategy across the country. Archie’s commitment has led him to pave the way for countless individuals’ exposure and involvement in parasports, ultimately making him an inductee of the Canadian Disability Hall of Fame and the Toronto Sport Hall of Fame.

Emmett Britton

An athlete from a young age, Emmett has been involved with sports for his whole life. His passion for powerhockey came at the age of 14 as a volunteer coach alongside his father and has evolved ever since. Emmett developed his coaching skills which led to him coaching his own house league team while taking a lead coaching role with the competitive team. Now studying Sport Management at university, he is translating his passion to a career and taken a leadership position as a co-founder of PowerHockey Canada. Emmett’s youthful approach and kind personality have led him to make lifelong friends through his involvement in powerhockey, something that has greatly impacted his life.

Alex McLean

Alex started his powerhockey career in 2003 and has excelled, receiving numerous awards for his play. He has competed at many tournaments, most recently representing Canada at the 2019 Australian Powerchair Hockey Club Championships as well as at the 2018 IWAS World Championship. Having a background in paralegal education, he brings a thoughtful approach to the sport. As a co-founder of PowerHockey Canada, Alex lends an unparalleled wealth of analytical and strategical knowledge that adds to the overall strength and direction of the organization.