In February 2021 PowerHockey Canada launched its very own podcast called Inside The Crease. Hosted by current player Matt Vocino, the podcast strives to frame the topic of disability in a new and innovative way.

Each episode features an engaging conversation with individuals from the powerhockey community, whether they be players, coaches, volunteers, or friends and family. It’s through these interactions that Matt and the team at PowerHockey Canada are able to discuss a range of topics from first involvement, experiences as a result of powerhockey, mentorship, importance of youth, and the future of the sport, among other topics as well. Beyond the discussions surrounding the sport, the podcast aims to bring to light the humanity in us all as individuals and the bonds that tie us together. Listeners/viewers will learn a bit about the personal lives of each guest, their interests, their aspirations, and life with a disability.

Inside The Crease hopes that those who tune in will have a shift in their perspective and understand more about the individuals that make up the powerhockey community and the disabled community at large. Through these engaging conversations we aim to break down the barriers and dispel the myths, stigmas, and stereotypes often associated with disabilities, changing hearts and minds along the way.

Join PowerHockey Canada as we use the art of storytelling and thoughtful conversation to make impactful change and showcase the diversity of our community!

You can find Inside The Crease on all major podcast streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, or Google Podcasts. The video version can be found on the PowerHockey Canada YouTube channel. 

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