PowerHockey Canada is committed to the long-term development of powerhockey at all levels of play, up to and including high-performance. International excellence is one of PowerHockey Canada’s key objectives and having elite para-athletes and coaches trained with this in mind is pivotal to this success. The establishment of a high-performance training program fosters this personal development and has a derivative effect as these individuals are able to implement the knowledge and skills learned with their respective leagues. Building a solid foundation for skill development will lead to higher-quality play and a better experience for Canadian para-athletes across the country. The program is founded on a host of core values:

Excellence | Teamwork | Dedication | Chemistry | Passion | Pride

The road to international and Paralympic dreams starts here for these para-athletes and coaches. Click here to learn more about Team Canada 2022 which competed in the IWAS Powerchair Hockey World Cup 2022 in Switzerland.